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Business and Development

Maple Grove is home to a growing population and job base, available land for development     , and award-winning amenities.  Located in the heart of medical alley, several med tech start-ups and successful, long-established industries, such as Boston Scientific and Upsher-Smith, are located in Maple Grove.  Its convenient location at the junction of I-94/694 and I-494 allows for easy access and ___ miles from the MSP airport make Maple Grove....           

It's in the numbers

Maple Grove is home to ____ square feet of retail space, ____ square feet of office space, and _____ square feet of industrial space.

Growing Jobs: Between the years 2010 and 2016, Maple Grove experienced a 16.3% increase in jobs.

Growing Population: From 2000-2016, Maple Grove's population grew by 31.8%.

Convenient Location: _____ miles of freeway frontage along Highways I-694, I-94, I-494, and 169;

Available Land and Buildings:


Healthcare destination

Med tech central

Let us help you

Economic Development staff works to help every business succeed.  City staff is available to assist every business from entrepreneurs to CEOs.  Services provided include:  locating available buildings and land, coordinating meetings with appropriate public and private sector individuals, identifying financing alternatives,