Highway 610 Project Information


Highway 610 is a vital east-west link for the expanding northern suburbs.  The construction of the final 2.5 mile segment will connect I-94 in Maple Grove to Highway 169 in Brooklyn Park and serve as a relief valve for the heavily congested I-94.  Highway 610 also provides opportunities for continued commercial and industrial growth along the corridor.

The project has received funding through the State's Corridors of Commerce Program which aims to increase highway capacity, improve the movement of freight, and reduce barriers to commerce statewide.  This project has been developed through a partnership with MnDOT, Hennepin County, and the City of Maple Grove.  As a supplement to this information, please see the 610 Brochure that was distributed at the 2013 Open House.

Key Milestones for the Highway 610 Project During the 2016 Construction Season:

  • County Road 81 (east of Fernbrook Lane) will be impacted by construction of the future Highway 610 bridge over CSAH 81 during the spring of 2016.  This may include shifted traffic lanes, lane closures, or both.
  •  Highway 610 construction will not have major impacts on I-94 traffic; however, traffic shifts and non-rush hour lane closures should be expected throughout the construction season to allow the connection of new Highway 610 to I-94 in both the eastbound and westbound directions.
  •  Maple Grove Parkway will be closed on April 4th between 105th Ave/New Yard Waste Entrance to 99th Ave; and detoured on 99th Avenue and Fernbrook Lane.  On the north side of the closure, access on Maple Grove Parkway will be maintained between CSAH 81 and 105th Avenue/ New Yard Waste Entrance.  On the south side of the closure, access will be maintained to the easterly Target driveway on Maple Grove Parkway for the majority of the Maple Grove Parkway closure.
  •  The new 105th Avenue Bridge over I-94 will open for public access late spring 2016 upon completion of the roadway leading up to the bridge.
  •  Maple Grove Parkway will reopen fall 2016 upon completion of the new bridge over, and interchange connecting it to new Highway 610.  
  •  Highway 610 will be connected to I-94 and open for traffic in the fall of 2016.

More information regarding summary of work, schedule, cost, area map, location, benefits and project layout may be found on the MnDOT website.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the City of Maple Grove Engineering Department at (763) 494-6350 or send an email.