Commercial fire permits

Commercial ePermits and ePlan review are here

The City of Maple Grove is implementing a new process for commercial plan review utilizing ePermits and ProjectDox.  This change will impact commercial permits for Building, Electrical, Fire, Mechanical and Plumbing.  The Fire Department went live on Monday, October 9, 2017 with Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler and Temporary LP Tank permits.  We will continue to add other permit types until all of our permits have been transitioned to ePermits.

See our User Guide for instructions.


1.  Register for ePermits account (one time only) 

2.  Apply for a permit 

3.  Pay permit application fee  

4. Wait for email invitation from ProjectDox 


1.  Register for ProjectDox account (one time only)

2.  Navigate ProjectDox

3.  Upload plans and documents

4.  Receive and review comments

5.  Resubmit plans and documents (if needed)

6.  Pay permit fees in ePermits

7.  Download approved plans from ProjectDox

Commercial Fire ePermits

Please select the appropriate form below based on the permit type.  Download the form to your computer and complete the form.  Next, go to ePermits to apply for your permit.  After you have applied for your permit log into ProjectDox and upload your documents.      

Fire Alarm Policies

  • FPB-02 - Monitoring System Installation (Coming Soon)
  • FPB-08 - Fire Alarm (Coming Soon)
  • FPB-08b - Fire Alarm Emergency Repair (Coming Soon)

Fire Sprinkler Policies

  • FPB-03 - Sprinkler System Installation Procedures (Coming Soon)
  • FPB-03a - High Piled Storage and Racking Plans (Coming Soon)
  • FPB-20 - Residential Sprinkler Policy (Coming Soon)

Temporary Propane Policy

  • FPB-17 - Temporary Propane Gas (Coming Soon)

Commercial Fire Permits