Parks and Recreation

Central Park of Maple Grove

Central Park of Maple Grove is slated to open the summer of 2015. Construction is in full swing; please understand the importance of staying out of the construction area.  Trails, sidewalks and features within the Park are not intended for public use during construction.

Summer 2014
Grading has started at Central Park of Maple Grove. This urban-like community park has been in the City’s comprehensive plan for over 30 years and now it is becoming a reality.  The park is located just east of the Town Green and Library and north of the Arbor Lake Shopping area.
The first phase of this park will include trails, a multi season park building, open lawn and some year round recreation opportunities. This forty acre park and pond will be developed over time, but it is anticipated park visitors will be able to enjoy some of the park features by late 2015.

History of Development

Phase One Plan

Master Plan (.PDF)

Residential Development Map (.PDF)

Transportation System Map (.PDF)

Phase One Central Park Plan