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The City of Maple Grove’s “Fit for Life” Wellness Program has made it on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website! A couple of years ago the CDC selected the City’s “Fit for Life” Wellness Program as one of only eight worksite wellness programs from across the nation to participate in their Swift Worksite Assessment and Translation (SWAT) project. The focus of the CDC’s SWAT project was to identify worksite health-promotion programs that showed promise in helping employees maintain or attain a healthy weight and additionally to help employers develop better ways to evaluate such programs. The City’s “Fit for Life” program was identified by a panel of experts as having an innovative wellness program that qualified to serve as a national benchmark.

The result of the City’s participation was the CDC Worksite Health Promotion video which essentially tells our story, capturing the essence of our wellness program and promoting emerging best practices that can be shared with others. The video is now available on the CDC’s website and will serve as a foundational activity to build from and share with others and will be shared at various related conferences around the country.

The following link provides access to the City’s video of the CDC SWAT project: CDC SWAT Project Video.

Special thanks to all of those City employees who participated in this project and who also continue to participate in the City’s “Fit for Life” Wellness Program!

Ann Marie K. Shandley
Human Resources Director
City of Maple Grove