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Volunteer to Care for your Community's Trees

Maple Grove is looking for volunteers to help care for your community's trees and we want you to help!  There are many ways you can be involved.  The most common and easy ways to help are to take part in community tree plantings, watering new trees, and pruning trees. Are you interested in more?

The Tree Steward Program will allow you to help monitor the health of newly planted trees in order for them to thrive for many years. You will learn more about the different species of trees, symptoms of concern to monitor, and how to make sure that each tree is provided the resources it needs to grow up healthy.

Maple Grove will be hosting Tree Steward and Citizen Pruner training this spring and summer to help community members get involved with caring for the City's public trees.

The Tree Steward class, taught by the University of Minnesota, is to better help volunteers and community members learn how to properly plant trees, ways to water trees, an introduction on how to prune trees, and how to help monitor the health of trees in Maple Grove. Details for each training are listed below.

The Pruning class, taught by the University of Minnesota, is to better help volunteers learn proper pruning practices on young trees and to gain confidence through field experience with trained teaching staff and community members.

All training will be held at 9030 Forestview Lane North, Maple Grove MN 55369.  If you are interested, please click here to sign up.

Tree Pruning Class:

  • Wednesday March 1 from 1pm-4pm (Pruning only)
  •  Thursday March 2 from 5:30pm-8:30pm (Pruning only)

Tree Steward Class:

  • Tuesday March 7, 2017 from 9am-4pm
  •  Tuesday March 7 and Wednesday March 8 from 5pm-8pm
  •  Wednesday April 5 from 9am-4pm
  •  Tuesday April 5 and Thursday April 6 from 5pm-8pm
  •  Tuesday May 9 from 9am-4pm
  •  Tuesday May 9 and Wednesday May 10 from 5pm-9pm
  •  Tuesday June 6 from 9am-4pm
  •  Tuesday June 6 and Tuesday June 16 from 5pm-8pm