1. New single-family dwelling construction
  2. Garage and accessory buildings
  3. Additions and porches
  4. Decks
  5. Lower level finishes
  6. Re-roof
  7. Re-side
  • Footing - prior to pouring of concrete.
  • Poured wall - forms are in place.
  • Foundation - after excavation is complete and any forms or reinforcing steel is in place.
  • Underslab vapor barrier - after in-slab and under floor reinforcing steel and building service equipment, conduit, piping accessories and other ancillary equipment items are in place, but before any concrete is placed.
  • Framing - after framing is in place and rough-in electrical, plumbing, and mechanical have been approved.
  • Insulation - after framing is approved and insulation is in place.
  • Lath (if required) - after the water-resistant barrier and the lath attachment is in place but before plaster has been applied.
  • Final - electrical, mechanical, and plumbing final inspections must be completed prior to building final.

All permitted work requires an inspection.

The permit holder is responsible for calling the Building Inspection Services Department to schedule inspections. If the inspector must get into a home, the contractor or adult homeowner must be present.

Inspections must be scheduled in advance.

Approved (stamped) plans and permit and inspection cards (PDF) are required on job sites to conduct inspections.

Required inspections

Required inspections differ based on the project.