Development approval process

The development review process is as described for most applications and includes rezoning, planned unit development, subdivision, variance, conditional use permit, zoning text amendments, and comprehensive plan amendments.

Staff Will Assist

The Community and Economic Development Department maintains ordinances and application forms pertinent to community development activities. Staff will assist in determining the appropriate application and process for proposals.

File Application

Once applicants have prepared their applications, they must submit a completed set of required data. Completed submitted applications will be included in the next submission deadline.

Application Circulated

Shortly after receipt of the application, city staff will route copies to staff, and outside government agencies if necessary, for review and comment. Reviewers are asked to return comments within two weeks.

Plan Review Meeting

If an application is determined to be complex, a meeting will be scheduled with the applicant and appropriate city staff to discuss any concerns. The applicant is then advised to revise plans according to the comments received and is allowed one week to submit revised plans. These plans are then incorporated into a written staff report to the Planning Commission.

Planning Commission Review

In the written staff report, department staff will make recommendations to the Planning Commission for action. Following a public hearing or discussion, the Planning Commission will recommend to the city council approval or denial of the request or it may table/postpone taking action on the request.

City Council Review

Following city council action, the Community and Economic Development Department will affirm the city council's action in a letter to the applicant. Any remaining conditions of approval are required to be addressed prior to the issuance of building permits related to the proposal, if applicable.