To locate zoning for a particular property, visit Neighborhood Information.

To report a zoning issue or concern, visit SeeClickFix.

Common issues

  1. Zoning enforcement
  2. Fences
  3. Driveways
  4. Garages and sheds
  5. Exterior storage in residential districts

Zoning enforcement

Email questions or requests. Include your name, phone number, question, and the address of the property you are referring to.

For policies and procedures, visit zoning enforcement.

  1. Garage sales and signs
  2. Shoreland regulations
  3. House numbers
  4. Home occupation

Garage sales and signs

Garage sales may be held provided that:

  • Sale is conducted inside the principal or accessory structure.
  • The number of sales does not exceed four per year.
  • Sale does not last longer than three consecutive days.

Garage sale signs may be displayed provided that:

  • Signs are posted no more than five days in an eight-day period.
  • Signs are placed with the permission of the person controlling the property on which the sign is placed or, if a public right-of-way, with the permission of the adjoining property owner.
  • Signs are removed at the termination of the sale.