Find my lost pet (PUPS)

PUPS, or Pets Under Police Security, is a facility where lost pets are taken and cared for until picked up by their owners. Member cities include:

  • Brooklyn Center
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Champlin
  • Crystal
  • Maple Grove - facility owner
  • New Hope
  • Plymouth

Please search the PUPS Facebook page to find out if your lost pet is at a PUPS impound facility.

If you need assistance from a staff member, contact PUPS at 763-494-5999. Pets found in Maple Grove can be reclaimed at 11350 89th Avenue N.

To reclaim your pet that was found in Maple Grove, bring the following items to the impound facility:

  • Current proof of rabies vaccination (or cash deposit)
  • Payment for the impound and board fees (cash or credit card)
  • Proof of ownership

To reclaim a pet that was found in another member city:

  • Pay the impound and board fees at the city where the pet was found (cash or check only).
  • Provide proof of ownership and/or current proof of rabies vaccination (or cash deposit).
  • Purchase a city license before the animal can be released, if applicable.

Be sure to bring the release paperwork to PUPS that was provided by the city when you paid your fees. Your pet cannot be released without this paperwork.