Firearm safety

Man Firing at Target

  • Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
  • No firing will be done unless a qualified range officer is present.
  • Eye and ear protection are mandatory and available for rent at our facility.
  • No tracer ammunition is allowed.
  • No armor-piercing ammunition is allowed.
  • No steel core ammunition is allowed.
  • No weapons handling with anyone downrange.
  • Load and clear all weapons with the muzzle pointed downrange.
  • Targets must be placed at a height that requires horizontal aim.
  • Be sure of your target backstop and beyond.
  • Firearms shall not be handled by persons with a blood alcohol content in excess of % or under the influence of drugs or prescription medication that would impair a person's motor skills, judgment, or balance.
  • Bench shooting only, no draw and fire allowed.
  • No one under 12 allowed inside the firing range. Ages 12 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Bullseye target only.
  • Brass may only be collected from carpeted areas.
  • Closed-toe shoes only.