Community resources

As the eighth largest city in the state of Minnesota, the City of Maple Grove's community continues to thrive with residential and business growth.  Public safety is the Maple Grove Police Department's highest priority for residents, business owners, and those who frequent our city. 


Recently, there has been an increase in panhandlers within the business areas and key intersections of the community. When the department receives an inquiry from a concerned community member, officers are sent to the location where the panhandler is present and they then provide a resource guide, which contains useful information regarding metro-wide resources to those in need. 

Please note, panhandlers have a right to stand in a public areas. If the panhandler is causing a public safety issue, for example, exhibiting aggressive contact with the public, disrupting traffic passage, violating median safety, or breaking a law by trespassing on private property or other illegal acts, officers will take enforcement action.