Private hydrant inspections

The City of Maple Grove inspects publicly owned fire hydrants annually, while the inspection of privately owned hydrants is the responsibility of the owner. These inspections are essential to ensuring hydrants are fully opeFire hydrantrational in the case of a major fire event.

  • Owners of private hydrants must hire a certified contractor to perform the annual hydrant inspection.
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance companies can register with The Compliance Engine to submit test results to the Maple Grove Fire Department on behalf of their customers.
  • Use the interactive map  to find out if your hydrant is private or public.  

    • Select "okay" on the popup window.
    • Zoom in on the map or enter an address in the search bar in the upper left corner.
    • Select a hydrant on the map for detailed information.
    The hydrant facility ID is highlighted in orange. Property lines are visible along with the address of the property.
•  Escape Fire Protection: 651-771-8874
•  LifeSaver Fire Protection: 763-473-9010
•  Summit Fire Protection: 651-251-1856
•  The Fire Group, Inc (International Fire Protection, Inc): 218-821-9471
•  Viking Automatic Sprinkler Co.: 651-558-3300

Call 763-494-6300 if you have any questions regarding hydrant inspections. We appreciate your cooperation.