Fire Corps volunteer program

The fire prevention division is excited to launch a new opportunity for community members. Fire Corps is a nationally recognized program founded under the National Volunteer Fire Council.

The program is for individuals who would like to serve in a capacity other than firefighting or emergency medical services and have a passion to better our community. This opportunity is perfect for older adults with prior public service or anyone interested in learning more about emergency services. No prior experience or training is required.

What is a Fire Corps volunteer?

Working alongside Maple Grove firefighters, volunteers perform functions, such as:

  • Education
  • Senior smoke alarm program
  • Community outreach
  • Special events
  • Training
  • Data entry
  • Grant writing
  • And more

Fire Corps members are issued a department uniform and the equipment necessary to complete their volunteer work. We look to utilize current skills and experience for a similar role within the fire prevention division.


Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a connection to Maple Grove either by residence, occupation, or service work.
  • Have a clean criminal history and satisfactory driving record (confirmed by a background check).

Fire Corps volunteers are required to attend monthly meetings and agree to volunteer at least 8 additional hours per month to help with their desired task.

Application process

Complete the online application. You will hear back from the Fire Department within two weeks. You will be required to complete full background check and supplemental questions. Applications are accepted year-round.


Learn more about the program on the National Volunteer Fire Council website or call 763-494-6300.