Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee will not be holding future meetings until further notice.  The meeting schedule and the recent CAC meeting agendas and minutes have been updated to reflect this change.

Known by its acronym, CAC, the Citizens’ Advisory Committee’s mission is to support the decision-making process of the Maple Grove City Council, staff, and citizens by providing additional perspective through recommendations on a wide range of community interests. Each member serves a two-year term. Staff support is provided by the Department of Administration.

The Citizen's Advisory Committee meeting schedule is posted on the Boards and Commission's calendar but may change from time to time, so be sure to check the calendar before a meeting.  

Recent CAC meeting agendas and minutes are posted for your convenience. Past/archived agendas and minutes may be requested by contacting the Administration Department at 763-494-6010.

Citizens Advisory Committee Report on Youth Sports

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) has been studying youth sports topics for the past two years. The CAC adopted on November 9, 2016, a final report that captures that process and their recommendations.  While no specific direction came from the City Council on this topic, the CAC decided it was a topic worth further exploration.  Specifically, the CAC undertook this topic working around the following themes:

  • The City has funded the majority of sports facilities used by youth sports organizations.
  • The City has a stake in how the facilities are used in terms of equity, behavior, safety, and image.
  • Is the community meeting current needs and addressing youth sports issues?
  • What are the future needs and emerging trend of youth sports in this community?

Below are the final  CAC report dated November 9, 2016; the CAC invite letter to the youth sports associations; and the presentations made by the associations to the CAC:

All of the above documents are .PDFs