• Parking in Maple Grove Three main things to know about parking on city streets.
  • Animals in vehicles For their health and safety please do not to leave pets unattended in motor vehicles.
  • Pothole hotline Please call to report potholes on city streets, county roads, and state highways.
  • Stormwater A-Go-Go Have you ever wondered where stormwater goes? Learn all about it through this interactive story map.
  • City Focus Newsletter View the winter 2020 edition of the City of Maple Grove quarterly newsletter.
  • 2020 residents' guide The annual Maple Grove/Osseo Residents' Guide offers a wide variety of info for citizens and soon-to-be citizens.
  • COVID-19 resources A variety of information is available to residents and businesses on the city website.
  • I-94 construction project This three-year MnDOT project involves improvements from Maple Grove to Clearwater.
  • Highest-salaried employees As of January 2020, titles and salaries at the City of Maple Grove are: City Administrator - $171,481.44; Director of Public Works/City Engineer - $162,115.20; Chief of Police - $155,569.44
  • Homestead Applications Due December 15 Property owners in Maple Grove have until Tuesday, December 15, 2020 to complete a homestead application for the 2021 assessment.

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Lakes, Water Quality & Floodplains

Lakes & Water Quality

Maple Grove has many beautiful lakes to enjoy.  There are trails throughout the City that offer scenic views of the lakes for people who enjoy hiking and biking.  There are also several beaches for those hot summer days.

If you are interested in ideas for improving Minnesota's lakes and streams, there are ten pointers in this informational brochure.

Additional information:

Water Quality Monitoring

2019 Water Quality Report


If your home has inadvertently been mapped in the floodplain:

  • Go to the Minnesota DNR website.
  • Scroll down to the "Types of Map Amendments".
  • Look at "LOMAs using LIDAR guidance".
  • You will need a LIDAR map to prove that your home is not located in the floodplain.  To obtain the FEMA floodplain-LIDAR map for your residence, please e-mail us. Please include your address in the email.

Additional resources:

Maple Grove floodplain map
FEMA Flood Map Service Center

If you have specific questions about wetlands, watersheds or floodplains, please contact the Engineering Department.