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Photography contest

The Maple Grove moments photography contest is a great way to showcase our community!

The 2020 contest closed on July 14 with:

  • 349 photos submitted
  • 168 photographers participating
  • Over 4,402 votes cast to select the "Viewer's Choice" entry


Many thanks to all who submitted photos as well as those who voted! You will already see many of the contest photos in City of Maple Grove communications.

Judging of the contest entries will take place in late August, and the winning photos will be posted here.

Contest categories

  • Going Together:  People -- neighbors, friends, or family enjoying every day things -- chatting, playing, shopping, grilling, celebrating special occasions, weeding the garden, cutting the grass, taking a walk, shoveling snow, raking leaves, making home repairs
  • Going Natural: Landscapes, trees, plants, flowers, weather, sky
  • Going Wild: Animals, including pets — birds, insects, things with wings, critters, creatures, wildlife
  • Going Places: Landmarks, buildings, streetscapes, events -- examples include shopping areas, sporting events, art or craft shows, Main Street, Angel of Hope, Central Park, Farmers Market, Town Green, Chalkfest, etc.
  • Youth: Photographers under age 18 can submit entries that pertain to any of the above categories

Entries are judged on overall impact, subject matter, originality, technical skills, composition, and meeting the theme of the category. Judges also appreciate creative photo captions.

Monetary prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category as well as one prize for the “viewer’s choice” selection. View rules/judging.

Take a look at 2021 photos

Contest entries are posted on the City of Maple Grove website after the contest closes. All are eligible to be featured in citywide communications. View 2021 contest entries.

Winning entries are showcased at the Government Center, in the city winter newsletter, and on the city’s social media. View 2020 winning photos.

The City of Maple Grove is pleased to partner with Prime Advertising & Design, Inc. for the contest. Photos submitted may be used on our websites as well as in area-wide media such as city newsletter, social media, parks and recreation brochure, and residents' guide.