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Photography contest

Share your photography skills

The City of Maple Grove moments photography contest is a great way for residents to showcase our community! Entries for the 2019 contest are accepted from June 1 to noon on July 16. 

Important notes on the photo submission process

  • Read the contest categories and descriptions below to ensure you submit the photo in the appropriate category.
  • All photographs must be in jpg format.
  • Maple Grove (MN) residents are invited to submit up to 12 of their own photographs (up to 3 photos allowed in each category). Participants under age 18 can submit up to 12 entries in the youth category only.
  • A parent and youth using the same email when submitting photos causes confusion in the review process. If possible, please use two different email addresses.
  • Photos must have been taken in Maple Grove, Minnesota, by the person submitting the photo in the contest.
  • Contest entries and voting for "Viewer's Choice" accepted from June 1 through noon on July 16, 2019.
  • Every photograph submitted goes through an approval process before it will display on the contest page.
  • Please allow up to 48 hours for entry approval.  Photos are reviewed M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Once you submit photos, they will show continuously as pending until they are reviewed;  you will receive an email when the photos are approved/disapproved.

View the photography contest rules and judging

By submitting your photos in the Maple Grove moments photography contest, you agree to all of these rules and parameters. 

Submitting entries and voting for "Viewer's Choice"

From June 1 until noon on July 16, Maple Grove (MN) residents are invited to submit photos using the links in the following contest categories.

Anyone can vote for "Viewer's Choice" contest entry.  Click on the contest category link to view entries and vote for your favorite.

Going Together

People, neighbors, friends, family--chatting, playing, grilling, riding bikes, weeding the garden, cutting the grass, taking a walk, shoveling snow, kids going to school, neighborhood gatherings, shopping, eating out

Going Places

Events, community gathering places, landmarks, streetscapes, businesses—e.g., sporting events, concerts, craft shows, Angel of Hope, Central Park, Maple Grove Farmers Market, Town Green, Maple Grove Days

Going Natural

Trees, landscapes, plants, flowers, weather, sky

Going Wild

Creatures, critters, wildlife, insects, birds and things with wings, animals, including pets


Entries from photographers age 18 and under; submissions can pertain to any the above contest categories

Contest perks

  • Monetary prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category as well as one prize for the “viewer’s choice” selection.  Details at rules/judging.
  • Contest entries are posted on the City of Maple Grove website after the contest closes.  View 2018 contest info and entries.
  • Winning photographers are invited to a city council meeting to receive their recognition.
  • Winning entries are showcased at the government center, in the city winter newsletter, and on the city’s social media.

Please email with any questions. 

The City is proud to partner with Prime Advertising & Design, Inc. for the contest. Photos submitted may be used on our websites as well as in area-wide media such as city newsletter, social media, parks and recreation activity guide, and residents' guide.