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Maple Grove Rotary Music Plaza

Come and create your own beautiful music in the park!

The Maple Grove Rotary Music Plaza is located in the Town Green (7991 Main St N) by the Maple Grove Library.

The music plaza includes six specially made, weather resistant instruments that create great music and never have to be tuned.

Music Park Instruments include:

  • Contrabass Chimes – Seven chime towers that range in height from 7-9 feet. They are pitched an octave below middle C and resonate with a sensation of surround sound.
  • Glass Imbarimba – A combined marimba and kalimba that provides two-handed access to upper and lower notes.
  • African Drums – Molded plastic tuned drums that provide bass and beat.
  • The Swirl – Sculptural chimes that emit a beautiful full range of soprano to alto sounds as elegant as a harp.
  • Pagoda Bells - Vertically aligned bells with long resonating tones that serve as calming percussives.
  • Sunset Yantzee – A foundational piece that looks like a xylophone and provides low resonance in support of melody.


Are you interested in purchasing a paver at the music plaza?  For more information check out the Rotary Club of Maple Grove.

To view photos in the gallery, simple click on a photo and watch the slide show.