Sanitary Sewer System Maintenance

The City of Maple Grove has more than 300 miles of sanitary sewer pipe in its wastewater collection system serving over 22,000 homes and businesses.  The importance of maintaining this system in a safe efficient operating condition cannot be understated.

City staff proactively manages its sewer system through an annual preventative maintenance program that not only identifies and rehabilitates older sewer infrastructure before it can fail but also improves the efficiency of the sewer system by minimizing the amount of groundwater infiltrating into the system.

Through the use of trenchless technology, the rehabilitation work can be completed without digging up the streets.  This approach provides for installation of a continuous, cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP), liner inside of a pipe segment from manhole to manhole without the need for costly excavation and surface restoration.  Service life can be extended upwards of 50 years by using this type of rehabilitation procedure.

This approach reduces risk of failure, extends service life, minimizes extraneous flow impacts, and reduces surface disturbances and construction traffic impacts.

You can track this program at the City’s website.

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