Timberwolf coming to Maple Grove!

In January, the Maple Grove Fire Department will add a new Duty Crew truck to their fleet, similar
to the photo below.  The ‘Timberwolf’ will replace the old duty crew truck that has
been in service since 2000. Maple Grove runs a Duty Crew consisting of 2 firefighters
Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm, during the period of time when there is limited
availability of paid-on-call firefighters.  Staffing is provided by the paid-on-call firefighters
who sign up to work these shifts on a part-time basis. The Duty Crew responds to fire
emergencies as well as provides support to Fire Administration during their work hours.

Maple Grove has a full time staff of nine firefighters who work M-F during regular business
hours and primarily cover administration, training, inspection, and maintenance duties.  The
majority of the firefighters are what are referred to as “paid-on-call”. There are presently
95 paid-on-call firefighters.  These firefighters have evolved from what were at one time
called volunteer firefighters. The paid-on-call firefighters are all Maple Grove residents serving
as firefighters when they are at home and available to respond to emergency incidents.  We have no
firefighters living at any of the Maple Grove fire stations.

The Maple Grove Fire Department recently held their 2013 annual recruitment.  Out of 56 total
applicants 10 will be hired; 9 as apprentice firefighters, and 1 as a probationary firefighter.
New hires without the minimum training certifications are hired as a temporary part-time Firefighter
Apprentices while completing training provided by Maple Grove Fire Department. They must complete the
minimum certifications within two years of being hired which include; Firefighter I, Hazardous
Materials Operations Level, and Emergency Medical Responder.  Firefighters may choose to
obtain additional levels of certification above the minimum required, with many becoming
Firefighter 2 and EMT certified. After successful completion of the minimum requirements, firefighters
will be hired on as Probationary, which requires the approval of City Council.   After successful
completion of an 18 month probationary period, firefighters will be hired as permanent
paid-on-call members of the Maple Grove Fire Department.

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