Water Meter Replacement Project Update

Ferguson Waterworks began replacing existing water meters in the northeast part of Maple Grove the week after Thanksgiving 2012. About 75% of the approximate 4,800 accounts that have been notified have scheduled an appointment with Ferguson Waterworks to have the water meter replaced. Approximately 2,500 new water meters have been installed as of January 23, 2013.

It is important that an appointment be scheduled within two weeks of receiving notice for the work to be completed in a timely and effective manner. Ferguson Waterworks has coordinated its installation schedule with City utility billing cycles in order to make the transition from processing meter cards to automated readings more manageable. The scheduling objective is to complete all installs in one area before moving on to the next, which minimizes trip time between appointments and helps to ensure that all appointments scheduled within the 2-hour window are completed on time or earlier.

Appointments can be made by phone or on-line, and the process typically takes only a few minutes. Installers are scheduled for several appointments within a 2-hour window, and most installations take less than 30 minutes. The installer will unscrew the couplings, remove the old meter and install the new meter in its place. The radio transmitting unit is mounted to wall or ceiling above the water meter, and connected to the water meter by a wire strapped to the water pipe.

A 3’ by 3’ clear zone is desired for accessing the water meter and shut-off valve, however it is not necessarily required. The installer must be able to reasonably reach the fixtures and have clearance for tools used to perform the work. Moving things around and other plumbing repairs are outside the scope of work that Ferguson Waterworks has been contracted to perform; they present a potential obstacle to keeping other scheduled appointments.

Thank you for your cooperation in promptly scheduling an appointment upon receiving notice to do so. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is posted under the Public Works page of the City website. Please call 763-494-6370 if you have any questions.

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