Water Use, New Water Meters and Drinking Water Quality

Hello from Maple Grove Public Works Utilities Department.  The water system has been producing about 20 million gallons per day during the summer’s run of hot and dry weather.  The peak day pumping demand has been 20,045,000 gallons per day; an average day is about 9 million gallons per day.  This is the first summer season under the water conservation rate structure.  The cost for 20,000 gallons per quarter in 2012 would be the same as last year ($18), however the cost for 40,000 gallons per quarter would be $7 more than last year and the cost for 60,000 gallons per quarter would be $24 more than last year.  Your water use can be estimated by creating an on-line account and viewing your history, or by monitoring your water meter.

 Speaking of water meters, Ferguson Waterworks will soon begin contacting customers in the northeast part of the city to schedule an appointment for swapping out old meter with new meter that will transmit meter reading to the City automatically.  About 16,000 meters, those that are not already automatic reads, are to be replaced under the project.  The project will improve operational efficiency and customer services.  Additional information is available under FAQ posted on the Public Works page of the City website.

 An updated Wellhead Protection Plan (WHPP) has been submitted to the Minnesota Department of Health for review and approval.  The WHPP is a strategy for protecting the drinking water supply from potential sources of contamination.  Maple Grove has been taking measures to protect the groundwater supply since 1986.  Water quality monitoring has not detected health risk impact in the groundwater supply.  The water quality has been found to meet or exceed Safe Drinking Water Standards.  A Consumer Confidence Report is published annually, and is available at City offices.

Harlan Van Wyhe, PE

Utilities Operations Engineer

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