Try Something New This Summer!


Have you always wanted to try something new?  Summer is a great time to check out all the recreation classes we offer! How about taking a class to learn something new or taking a exercise class to get in shape!  Parks and Recreation offers numerous classes to fit your needs. Join a Yoga class to increase flexibility and restore a healthy, positive mind and body.  Do you like to go to the theater or see a show but don’t want to drive?  Sign up for one of our day trips were bus transportation is provided!  Like to play cards?  We offer several card clubs including, 500, Pinochle, Duplicate Bridge and more.  Do you have active kids?
We offer great classes like dance, science, music, swim lessons and more to keep your kids creative, active and engaged.   Check out our 2018 Summer Parks and Recreation Brochure for more information and how to sign up. You are never to old (or young) to learn or try something new! To register online check out Webtrac Online Registration.

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Book A Picnic Pavilion Online!


Thinking about having a birthday party, family get together or graduation party this summer?  How about having that party at a Maple Grove Picnic Pavilion?  Weaver Lake, Lions and Maple Grove Arboretum Picnic Pavilions are now available to book online.  Enjoy the outdoors while eating good food and having fun with family and friends! There is plenty of open space in the parks to watch wildlife, throw a football or walk the trails.  Could a picnic pavilion be a good fit for your next party?

Click here to check out dates available, prices, rules and more…



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Community Development News


What’s going on in Community Development?  As we say hello to Winter, I’m hoping for a beautiful snowy landscape for all of us to enjoy. Despite the cold, there is still plenty of development going on.  As I drive down Elm Creek Blvd., I am excited to see Portillo’s is soon to open.

Below is a listing of new commercial developments being considered:

  • The Village Arbor Lakes – This is a proposal to amend the PUD Concept Plan to develop a mixed-use development consisting of office, hotel, bank, retail, restaurants and coffee. Located at Elm Creek Blvd and Hemlock Lane.
  • Springhill Suites / Residence Inn – This is a proposal to construct a 4 story dual branded Residence Inn and Springhill Suites by Marriott with a total of 180 guest rooms. Located at Elm Creek Blvd and Hemlock Lane.
  • Arbor Lakes Business Park – This is a proposal to construct 2 office/warehouse buildings of approximately 277,222 s.f. and 262,820 s.f. Located at 10500 Elm Creek Blvd and 7651 Revere Lane.
  • Park 81 – This is a proposal to develop 3 industrial/warehouse buildings ranging in size from approximately 250,000 s.f. to 350,000 s.f. Located at 10655 Cty Rd 81.
  • Maple Grove Self Storage – This is a proposal to develop a 4-story 114,400 s.f. temperature controlled self storage building. Located at 13000 63rd Ave N.

Here are a few new residential developments being considered:

  • Christophersen Addition: This is a proposal to develop property into 24 single-family attached lots.  Located at 16416 70th Ave N.
  • Fish Lake Estates: This is a proposal to develop property into four single-family residential lots.  Located at Maple Lane and E. Fish Lk Rd.

A good resource to get information directly e-mailed to you about the different Residential and Commercial projects that are going forward to the Planning Commission and City Council is to E-Subscribe to our Agendas and Minutes.  Our Agendas/Minutes are e-mailed out twice a month.  Click here to sign up.  There are other topics to sign-up for as well.

Dick Edwards, Community Development Director

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Water Works Wisdom


Maple Grove is updating its Comprehensive Plan to comply with the regional plan Thrive MSP 2040, which Water Resources Policy Plan component envisions an integrated approach to planning for wastewater, water supply, and surface water management.  A local example of integrated planning is the Great River Energy headquarters use of rooftop collection system to supplement its restroom needs.  A State agency objective for 2040 is to reuse wastewater for non-potable water supply, like irrigating ballfields.

White Bear Lake is the poster child for concerns about unsustainable use of groundwater resources.  Lake, wetland and calcareous fen impacts; well interference; and declining groundwater level projections provide motivation to consider reusing wastewater to reduce the demand on groundwater resources.  An obstacle to the reuse of wastewater is separate systems to collect and re-supply it on a large scale, which the City is not planning to do.  It is possible to bypass the dish and bath water of individual properties to rain-garden filter bed or cistern drain field, however in-home treatment of “grey water” is not yet practical practice for urban environment.

Local planning priorities include removing clear water inflow to the sanitary sewer system (prohibited sump drain connections) and water conservation (lawn irrigation). Another responsibility is to remove substances that do not belong in the wastewater:  fats, oils, and grease (FOG); expired/unused prescription drugs and other medications; hygiene and beauty products; disposable wet wipes; cigarette butts; household hazardous wastes and other chemicals (pesticides, fertilizer, etc.).   Some of the above items present treatment challenges for discharge to Mississippi River or for reuse.

The objective is to think and act differently in how we use water.  Consider “smart” irrigation controls for new or rehab irrigation systems, and drought tolerant grass seed mix and landscaping materials.  The future is now.

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Homestead Application Deadline – Thursday, December 15, 2017


Please contact the Maple Grove Assessor’s Office to file a homestead application or a relative homestead application on or before December 15, 2017, if one of the following situations applies to you:

  • You purchased a residence in Maple Grove in the past year and you or a qualifying relative occupy the property for homestead purposes by December 1, 2017; or
  • You or a qualifying relative occupy a Maple Grove residence for homestead purposes on December 1, 2017 and the property was previously classified as non-homestead.

In order to qualify for a relative homestead, the qualifying relative must be the property owner’s parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, including those related by marriage.

The homestead status of your property may have property tax implications.  Please feel free to contact the assessor’s office if you have any questions related to the homestead status of your property.

If you should sell, move or for any reason no longer qualify for the homestead classification on your property, you are required to notify the assessor’s office within 30 days of the change in your homestead status.


City of Maple Grove Assessing Department Contact Information:

Street Address: 12800 Arbor Lakes Parkway, Maple Grove, MN 55369

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1180, Maple Grove, MN 55311-6180

Phone Number: (763) 494-6250

E-mail Address:

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