Homestead Application Deadline – Thursday, December 15, 2017


Please contact the Maple Grove Assessor’s Office to file a homestead application or a relative homestead application on or before December 15, 2017, if one of the following situations applies to you:

  • You purchased a residence in Maple Grove in the past year and you or a qualifying relative occupy the property for homestead purposes by December 1, 2017; or
  • You or a qualifying relative occupy a Maple Grove residence for homestead purposes on December 1, 2017 and the property was previously classified as non-homestead.

In order to qualify for a relative homestead, the qualifying relative must be the property owner’s parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, including those related by marriage.

The homestead status of your property may have property tax implications.  Please feel free to contact the assessor’s office if you have any questions related to the homestead status of your property.

If you should sell, move or for any reason no longer qualify for the homestead classification on your property, you are required to notify the assessor’s office within 30 days of the change in your homestead status.


City of Maple Grove Assessing Department Contact Information:

Street Address: 12800 Arbor Lakes Parkway, Maple Grove, MN 55369

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1180, Maple Grove, MN 55311-6180

Phone Number: (763) 494-6250

E-mail Address:

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November 1 – 10, 2017 Membership Sale


Save 15% on memberships during our November 1 – 10, 2017 membership sale!

Do you or your kids like to swim? We have a indoor, outdoor and lap pool. Does your son and his friends like to shoot hoops? Maybe you need a place to let the kids run around and burn off some energy? The Maple Maze is a hit for kids ages 12 and under with four levels of climbing, a tree house, slides and more. Have you ever wanted to learn how to ice skating?  The Community Center is great for family, friends and fun!  Select from the All Building membership for all recreational areas or the Pool only membership.  We also have a Pickleball only membership!  The Pickleball membership gives you access to play pickleball at the Maple Grove Community Center and at the Community Gyms during open pickleball times. Pickleball is a mixture of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, pickleball has become one of the fastest growing sports in North America.

Check out our prices and more information about memberships on our website or call 763-494-6508.

Hurry before time runs out!

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Assessing Department Activities


In late October, staff appraisers from the Assessing Department will begin the process of reviewing property improvements associated with outstanding building permits that were issued over the past year.  Any new improvements or remodeling will be valued for the 2018 assessment; for property taxes payable in 2019.  If work related to a building permit is not complete, it may be partially assessed until the work is fully completed.  When our staff appraisers conduct field inspections and visit homes or businesses, they possess and will display a City issued photo identification.

Tim Mitchell, City Assessor

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Community Development News


What’s going on in Community Development?  As we are enjoying this beautiful Fall weather, we have been seeing more and more applications coming in for development review.

Below is a listing of new commercial developments being considered or recently approved:

  • Arbor Lakes Business Park: This is a proposal to develop property into a 50 acre business park consisting of four office/warehouse buildings totaling approximately 985,000 s.f.; Development Stage Plan approval for the first building totaling 222,444 s.f and Final Plat approval for the first phase of the project.  Rezoning from FF to PUD.  Located at 10801 77th Ave N and 7560 Zachary La N.
  • Trader Joe’s: This is an approval to redesign the Trader Joe’s parking lot.  Located at 12459 Elm Creek Blvd.
  • 13250 Grove Drive: This is a proposal to construct a 7,340 s.f. multi-tenant retail building.  Located at 13250 Grove Drive.

Here are a few new residential developments being considered:

  • Bottineau Ridge Apartments – Phase II: This is a proposal to construct a 50 unit 4-story apartment building.  Located at 11800 80th Ave N.
  • Rush Creek Apartments: This is a proposal to develop 2 apartment buildings with the 1st phase being a 236 unit building and the 2nd phase being 74 units, for a total of 310 apartment units.  Located at County Rd 101/Bass Lake Rd.
  • Fish Lake Estates: This is a proposal to develop property into four single-family residential lots.  Located at Maple Lane and E. Fish Lk Rd.

A good resource to get information directly e-mailed to you about the different Residential and Commercial projects that are going forward to the Planning Commission and City

Council is to E-Subscribe to our Agendas and Minutes.  Our Agendas/Minutes are e-mailed out twice a month.  Click here to sign up.  There are other topics to sign-up for as well.

Dick Edwards, Community Development Director


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There is Water Underground

When you hear the term “groundwater,” what do you think? Perhaps you picture an underground lake in a cavern somewhere or possibly a subterranean river. Maybe you think of that glass of water you knocked over last week – if the water’s on the ground, it must be ground water!

Here in our county, 100% of the water we drink comes from groundwater. When it rains, water soaks into the ground and continues to percolate downward until it reaches the water table. We are able to drink groundwater because it is clean and relatively plentiful. Most pollutants are filtered out of rainwater as it percolates into the ground, and once ground water is contained within an aquifer, it is protected from bacteria and other organic pollutants.

The biggest threat to groundwater supplies in our area is simply overuse. When we are careless with the amount of water we use, we can draw down groundwater supplies, requiring cities and homeowners to drill new wells. We can keep our groundwater clean by doing many of the same things that keep our lakes and rivers clean. During the winter, limit your use of salt and de-icers and dispose of hazardous waste such as used motor oil, fluorescent light bulbs and propane tanks at the county hazardous waste facility.

Though we may not be able to see it, we are all dependent on groundwater, and by making smart decisions around our home, we can all play a part in protecting it.

Minnesota Water – Let’s keep it clean –

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