Community Center




Community Center is closed until further notice.

There are six basketball hoops and a limited supply of basketballs available to check out. Check out the schedule below for basketball, pickleball and Parent Tot Times. 

Monthly Gym Schedule (.PDF)

Gym Rules and Regulations (.PDF)

How do I get there?
Directions to the Maple Grove Community Center.


MERSC & Military***
Parent Tot Time*
Home School Use**
10 coupons/book





* Tots for Parent/Tot time (parents free with tot).
** Home School use is not available during the summer.
*** Must show MERSC or Military ID.

Community Center Admission Fees

Looking for another place to play pickleball inside?  Check out the Maple Grove Jr High School Pickleball Community Gyms flyer.

Is there an all building membership?
Yes! Check out the membership for year round access to the gymnasium.

Are there group or private rentals?
Yes! Check out the rentals that are available.