Community Center


September 18, 2019

The annual maintenance shutdown for the Maple Grove Community Center pool was scheduled for September 3-22, 2019.  Unfortunately, there were unforeseen problems with a flooring installation as well as additional pool maintenance required that needs to be addressed prior to reopening.  We currently do not have a firm reopening date and are working hard with contractors to resolve the issues.  Our target date of Monday, October 7, 2019 is a tentative reopening date.  We ask that you watch our website and Facebook page for updates.  Questions can be directed to 763-494-6517. 

We want your input! Be a voice in your community.
Maple Grove Community Center Online Assessment Survey - Fill out the assessment survey between September 3 - 27. 

Need to Cancel your Membership?  You must fill out the Membership Cancellation Form.

Sign up or renew your annual membership with WebTrac Online Registration using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover! Please read the Membership Terms and Conditions (.PDF) and see exclusions below.

You cannot purchase a membership online if:
  • You plan on paying by cash, check or direct payment option*
  • You work full-time in Maple Grove and you want to receive the resident rate (you must register in person and bring a current pay stub from your Maple Grove employer showing you work 40 hours a week)
  • You want to receive the MERSC rate. You must register in person and bring a valid MERSC Company ID

* Continual membership is available with direct payment plan. Monthly payments are made from checking accounts until cancellation. You must register in person with a voided check.

Family - consists of immediate family of up to two adults and their children ages 17 and under living at the same address and full-time college students ages 18 - 24 (with proof of full-time college status) at the same address.  Multiple families living at the same residence will be charged separately at the family rate. Senior is ages 62 and above. Youth is ages 17 and under.

Where do I register in person?
Community Center lower level pool desk

Where do I pick up my membership card?
Community Center lower level pool desk

What about special requests?
Full-time college students, a nanny, or a PCA can be added to your membership by completing a special request form available at the Community Center. College students must show proof of full-time status, be living at home and be between the ages of 18 - 24.