Community Center

Community Center


The City of Maple Grove COVID-19 page provides various guidelines/resources for Community Center, recreation program and park participants. 

Notice: Effective May 14, patrons who are fully vaccinated will no longer be required to wear a mask when using the Community Center. Patrons who are not fully vaccinated are strongly recommended to wear a mask per CDC and MDH guidelines.

If you are feeling sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.

Community Center Admission Fees

Member Services

Members can contact Member Services with questions specific to their account at or by leaving a voicemail message at 763-494-6508. A Member Services Team member will call you back during business hours. 

Cancellations:  We understand you may wish to cancel your membership. To cancel, you MUST submit a request by filling out this Membership Cancellation Form.         

NOTE: The software does not send a receipt or an email confirmation when filling out this on-line request form. A Member Services team member will process the cancellation and contact you by email or phone during business hours with questions and/or to confirm the cancellation is complete.

General Information

All recreational area are open with restrictions due to COVID-19.

Schedules can be found on each specific page. Click on the area of your choice for a link for detailed information and current reservation links.

Grove Cove Aquatic Center  *  Maple MAZE Indoor Playground   * Ice Arena Gymnasium

Interested in purchasing a membership?

 Memberships are available to purchase on-line. It's convenient and easy!

  • Online Registration
  • Sign up for an account 
  • Select from the Pool or All Building Memberships. Choose a single or family option.
  • Start swimming or playing in the gym today!   

Membership Terms and Conditions

Where do I register in person?
Community Center upper level customer service desk Monday thru Friday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Where do I pick up my membership card?
Community Center upper level customer service desk Monday thru Friday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

What about special requests?
Full-time college students, a nanny, or a PCA can be added to your membership by completing a special request form available at the Community Center. College students must show proof of full-time status, be living at home and be between the ages of 18 - 24.

You cannot purchase a membership online if:
  • You plan on paying by cash, check or direct payment option*
  • You work full-time in Maple Grove and you want to receive the resident rate (you must register in person and bring a current pay stub from your Maple Grove employer showing you work 40 hours a week)
  • You want to receive the MERSC rate. You must register in person and bring a valid MERSC Company ID

* Continual membership is available with direct payment plan.  Monthly payments are made from checking accounts until a cancellation request is received.  You must register in person with a voided check.

Family - consists of immediate family of up to two adults and their children ages 17 and under living at the same address and full-time college students ages 18 - 24 (with proof of full-time college status) at the same address.  Multiple families living at the same residence will be charged separately at the family rate. Senior is ages 62 and above. Youth is ages 17 and under.