2020 Census Complete Count Committee

City seeking members for Complete Count Committee

The U.S. Constitution mandates every 10 years a headcount of all people residing in the 50 states (including Puerto Rico and the Island Areas) of the United States.  The count, which is known as the U.S. Census, includes people of all ages, races, ethnic groups, citizens and noncitizens.  The census has been conducted every 10 years since the year 1790, and the next census occurs in 2020.

The census population totals are important for many reasons: 

  • Determine the number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives
  • Used to redraw legislative and school districts
  • Affect funding in the community

The goal of the 2020 Census is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be counted.  To assist in this endeavor, Complete Count Committees (CCC) are forming to create awareness in communities all across the country.  The City of Maple Grove would like to form a collaborative partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau by creating a Complete Count Committee in our community.  We are looking for individuals from tribal, state, and local governments; community based organizations; faith-based groups; schools; businesses; the media; and others to join us.  

Training is available for anyone interested in serving on the Complete Count Committee on Thursday, April 11, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Maple Grove Government Center, 12800 Arbor Lakes Parkway. If you have questions or would like to RSVP to attend the training, please contact the Maple Grove City Clerk at 763-494-6004.