Homestead Classification

Who should apply for the homestead classification?

Homeowners purchasing a new or existing home who occupy their home as their principal place of residence may qualify for the homestead classification. The homestead classification may provide homeowners with property tax savings.

When should I apply for the homestead classification?

Homeowners should apply for the homestead classification once they have purchased a new or existing home and they occupy the home as their principal place of residence.  Most homeowners will not receive a homestead application annually.  However, the Assessor may, at any time require a homestead application to be filed in order to verify that any property classified as homestead continues to be eligible for homestead status. 

The filing deadline for the homestead application is December 15th. The critical dates related to the homestead classification may be found on the Annual Assessment Calendar.

How do I apply for the homestead classification?

There are three options available for residents to apply for the homestead classification:

  1. Apply in person at the Assessing Department located in the Maple Grove Government Center, 12800 Arbor Lakes Parkway North, Maple Grove, MN 55369.
  2. Complete the Homestead Application (PDF) and submit the completed application by mail or fax to the Maple Grove Assessing Department.
  3. Apply online through the Hennepin County Website.  When applying online you will need to create an “Online Services Account” with Hennepin County and a series of questions will guide you through the application process.

Please be prepared to provide the following information and additional documentation when filing for the homestead classification:

  • Copy of the warranty deed or contract for deed. (If property is sold on a contract for deed, a certificate of real estate value must accompany application.)
  • Copy of the Certificate of Real Estate Value.
  • Signatures of all owner occupants (in case of a married couple, the homestead application does require the signature of each spouse) 
  • Social security numbers for all individuals listed on the deed. (A social security number would also be required for a spouse that is not listed on the deed but occupies the property as well.)

Mail completed homestead applications and additional documentation to:

                       City of Maple Grove
                       Assessing Department
                       Attention: Homesteads
                       12800 Arbor Lakes Pkwy N
                       Maple Grove, MN 55369-7064

Fax completed homestead applications and additional documentation to: (763) 494-6415

The Final Step of the Homestead Process:  After we receive and process your homestead application, you will receive a homestead form in the mail at the property address.  You must return this form to the Maple Grove Assessor's Office within 10 days after receipt in order to complete the homestead process.  The homestead classification will not be granted until the homestead form is returned.


More questions?
Click to see the Homestead FAQs or the Hennepin County Public Records Division.