105th Avenue Area Master Planning

The 105th Avenue Area master planning effort is a process of engagement with land owners, city staff, developers, experienced site planners, school districts, religious institutions, other government agencies, and other stakeholders to come to a consensus on major development objectives.

Objectives of a master planning effort include, but are not limited to: identifying and generally locating major and local roads, parks, trails, open spaces, types of housing units and their densities, to identify wetland and tree preservation or protection areas, and to identify other resources considered significant by the stakeholders.

The ultimate goal of a master plan is to maximize the development potential of an area for existing and future land owners, residents, employers, employees, and visitors.

The City of Maple Grove has a long history of master planning with exceptional success in creating more desirable areas in which to live, work, and play.

The 105th Avenue Area is generally bounded by County Road 81 on the north, Fernbrook Lane on the east, Highway 610 on the south, and Interstate 94 on the west.

Below are larger PDF’s of the Concept Plans:

105th Avenue Master Plan – Development Districts
105th Avenue Master Plan – Development Concept Plan
105th Avenue Master Plan – Parks, Trails & Open Space
105th Avenue Master Plan – Transportation Context Map
105th Avenue Master Plan – Road and Street Network
105th Avenue Master Plan – Full Plan