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Rental Dwelling Licensing Program

***To apply for a rental dwelling license at this time, please mail or fax to the address on the application or place in the utility billing drop box outside the Maple Grove Government Center. 


The City of Maple Grove requires that all rental property within the city be licensed. This includes apartment complexes, town homes, condominiums, duplexes and single family rental dwellings. All dwellings that do not qualify for a homestead are considered to be rental property and therefore require a license. All rental licenses are renewed on 3-year basis. Attached is a link to the  Rental_Dwelling_License_Application.pdf, with a pre-inspection checklist and rental housing ordinance also available.

How to obtain a rental dwelling license.

Questions on the Rental Dwelling Licensing Program, call 763-494-6048.


The city has adopted the Crime Free Rental Housing (CFRH) ordinance to create a partnership between law enforcement and rental property managers to provide a safer living environment and reduce crime and nuisance problems in rental properties. 

The implementation of the CFRH requires rental owners or operators:

  1. To conduct criminal background checks. The owner or operator shall conduct criminal background checks as well as criminal and civil court records checks on all prospective tenants covering at least the last three years.*
  2. To include in all tenant leases a signed Lease Addendum For Crime-Free/Drug-Free Housing that is available in the attached application. By signing the lease, the tenant acknowledges that engaging in identified criminal activity and causing the premises to be disorderly is good cause for termination of tenancy. *

* It is the landlord's responsibility to maintain a tenant register and retain proof of background checks and lease addendums. The city does not want the landlord to send in this information, but under the CFRH ordinance the landlord would be required to provide such information if requested by the city.

  1. To attend an educational seminar consistent with the Minnesota Crime Free Multi-housing program.  This program includes guidance on:
  • Applicant screening
  • Rental agreements
  • Identification of illegal activity
  • Eviction process
  • Roles of working with police
  • Crime prevention
  • Licensing and inspections
  • Proactive property management


The 8 hour, one day training CFMH seminar will be conducted by the police department and includes speakers from the police, fire, building, and community development departments along with speakers from an attorney’s office and mediation services. There is a nominal participation fee.

This requirement does not apply to a person or entity who owns or operates only (one) 1 rental dwelling unit in the city.

For more information on available training dates, times, and locations, please call the Maple Grove Crime Prevention Officer at 763-494-6134.

Owners or operators of a rental dwelling unit are required to complete the CFMH seminar conducted by the Maple Grove Police Department within two (2) years of the issuance of a new rental housing license.  To remain current with CFMH requirements, said owners and operators must complete the CFMH seminar every 6 years (within every other rental license renewal cycle) from the date of completion of the initial seminar, and thereafter every 6 years as long as the dwelling continues to be rental dwelling unit. 

The City of Maple Grove has developed an automatic email notification system for rental property owners and managers. This system has the ability to notify landlords of police contacts at their rental properties to help keep them more aware of potential police contacts with their tenants. This is a voluntarily service offered to landlords with no cost.

Each notification will inform the landlord of the police case number, date and time of incident, type of incident, incident address, and the disposition of the contact. The automatic email notifications run on a five day delayed schedule and are only sent when there is a police contact at the physical rental address.

If you are interested in signing up for this service please click here and fill out the submission form.