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Select - Neighborhood Information to locate zoning for a particular property.

Visit SeeClickFix to report a zoning issue or concern.seeclickfix_smaller.jpg

A Few of the More Common Topics Include:

Zoning Enforcement:

Please  email your zoning enforcement questions/requests or leave a voicemail  by contacting 763-494-6059 and include your name, phone number, your question and address of the property you are referring to.


Attached is a handout about fences.  A permit is not required to install your fence.  Property lines are identified with your site survey.  To locate property lines and stakes a metal detector is helpful to use or hire a lot surveyor.


Attached is a handout about driveways.  A permit is not required to install your driveway.  24' wide at the street.  5' from the property line and 1' from the side of the garage.

Garages and Sheds:

Attached is a handout about garages and sheds.  Attached and detached garages and detached sheds are classified as accessory buildings and the size, height and location of such are regulated by the Zoning Ordinance.  Permits are required for most garages and sheds, please call the Building Department for more information at 763-494-6060.

Exterior Storage in Residential Districts:

All storage in residential districts must be contained inside a building except for:

  • Up to two licensed and operable recreational vehicles or non-stationary pieces of recreational equipment.
  • Construction and landscaping material currently being used on the premises.
  • Off-street parking of licensed and operable passenger vehicles when parked on paved surfaces.
  • Items normally associated with outdoor residential uses (e.g. lawn furniture, grills, firewood).
  • Recycling containers provided by the City of Maple Grove so long as such containers are screened from view from public right-of-way and neighboring properties on non-collection days.

Garage Sales and Signs:

Garage sales may be held provided that:

  • Sale is conducted inside the principal or accessory structure
  • Number of sales does not exceed four per year, and
  • Sale does not last longer than three consecutive days.

Garage sale signs may be displayed provided that:

  • Signs are posted no more than five days in an eight-day period.
  • Signs are placed with the permission of person controlling property on which the sign is placed or, if a public right-of-way, with the permission of adjoining property owner.
  • Signs are removed at the termination of the sale.

Shoreland Regulations:

At the direction of the Department of Natural Resources, Maple Grove has adopted shoreland regulations which regulate the placement of structures in shoreland areas. Any structures on our city’s lakes, whether temporary or permanent with the exception of docks and piers, must be set back a minimum of 75 feet from the ordinary high water mark (OHM). On a residential lot, the OHM can most easily be described as the point where the grass stops growing and the lake bottom (sand, etc.) begins. Water-oriented accessory structures can be set back less than 75 feet from the OHM if slope conditions along the entire width of a property are 4:1 or steeper over a minimum horizontal distance of 16 feet. The minimum setback from the OHM is 25 feet. Structures set back less than 75 feet can be no greater than 10 feet in height nor 100 square feet in area.

House Numbers:

Emergency vehicle drivers need good, highly-visible house numbers. City ordinances require that house numbers be at least 3 ½ inches in height, in a contrasting color to the base, and either lighted or made of some reflective material. The numbers must also be visible from the street and not hidden behind trees or bushes.

Home Occupation:

The following rules need to be followed if you have a home occupation in the City of Maple Grove.  Home occupations are not required to register with the City of Maple Grove. However, you should contact the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development regarding your business.  Questions - call 651-259-7114 or visit their website.  

Questions, call the Community & Economic Development Department at 763-494-6044.