Street Rehabilitation


Please click on the link for your project area (shown below).  Pertinent updates will be posted frequently at the top of each project page.  Instructions to receive text notifications are also at the top of each page.  You may sign up for email notifications from your project page as well.

Maple Grove's street rehabilitation areas



What Project / Phase am I in?

  • 19-01 - Gladstone
  • 19-02 - Rice Lake Farms & Winslow Chase
  • 19-03 - Arbor Lakes Parkway & 73rd Avenue
  • 19-05 - Sycamore/Quinwood mill and overlay


Project Location Map

City Council approved the five-year plan.  Surveying for design began in the fall of 2017.  Residents in the current year's areas will receive correspondence indicating what may be expected. 

Funding Philosophy

City Council set aside funds long ago to assist neighborhoods with street reconstruction.  Local street repairs are shared equally (50% city cost, 50% assessed), while utility repairs and maintenance on collector and arterial streets are 100% city-funded.

For more information, please contact the Engineering Department at 763-494-6350.