Join the Fire Department

Being a Maple Grove firefighter is a unique part-time job with both scheduled and unscheduled/on-call response hours that are not predictable. This is not a full-time job, and our firefighters work in other careers. Over 80% of fire department in Minnesota and the Twin Cities operate this way. This job requires commitment, a desire to progress through the orientation and training process, and be self-motivated.

Maple Grove Fire-Rescue recruits paid on-call firefighters annually. Applicants must currently reside in Maple Grove, or live within a five minute response to one of our five fire stations. If you are a motivated individual, physically fit, and over the age of 18, this may be the opportunity for you to serve your community and gain valuable training.

Check out our fire station locations to learn which one of our Fire Stations you live by, or if you live within the 5-minute response zone. This map can be used to give the applicant a general idea: MGFD Response Map. However, MGFD will determine if the response time is acceptable.

There are two ways that a person could be hired as a paid-on-call firefighter with the Maple Grove Fire Department:

Probationary Firefighter: If you already possess the minimum certifications in fire and emergency medical response, including Firefighter I, Hazardous Materials Operational (472) and Emergency Medical Responder.

Temporary Apprentice Firefighter: If you do not possess the required training. MGFD will send you to all of the training necessary.

Training required for new firefighters includes:

        • General Department Orientation and Competency (ongoing)
        • Incident Command System (6 Hours)
        • Firefighter I & II (295 Hours)
        • Hazardous Materials Operational Level - 472 (40 Hours)
        • Emergency Medical Responder (40 Hours)
        • Fire Apparatus Operator (40 Hours)

Firefighters carry a pager and respond from home when they are able to do so. Currently a firefighter is responsible to respond to 45% of all calls frothier assigned fire station. Firefighters must also attend 66% of training drills. Maple Grove Fire also utilizes a duty-crew from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Many calls are handled by the duty crew during that time period. Once a recruit completes the academy, they can participate in duty crew shifts.  

Firefighters are paid an hourly wage for time when on responding to calls, on-duty, in training and for other department activities. Firefighters also participate in the Fire Relief Association, and are eligible for a pension after completed several years of service.

To be considered for an interview, applications must be received no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, August 10, 2018. The hiring process includes an interview, physical ability test, driving and criminal background checks, a comprehensive psychological exam and medical evaluation.

More on the process can be found here: MGFD_2018_Firefighter_Recruitment_Flier.pdf


For more information, call 763-494-6300 during business hours or email Deputy Chief Chris Kummer,