Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Officer manages the Crime Prevention program. Current programs, as well as safety tips, are listed below.  If you have questions about Crime Prevention, please contact Maple Grove Crime Prevention at 763-494-6134.

Neighborhood Watch

No one person or law enforcement agency can be aware of every situation that occurs in a neighborhood at all times. That is why neighbors are the best defense against crime. Neighborhood watch is a cooperative effort between your individual neighborhood and the Maple Grove Police. Once a neighborhood has filled the needed Neighborhood Watch requirements (.PDF), then watch signs will be posted in your neighborhood to recognize your accomplishment and to show that you actively work with the police.

Crime Free Multi-Housing

Crime Free Multi Housing training is a one-day rental owner education program that includes information on applicant screen, rental agreements, identification of illegal activity, eviction processes, roles of working with the police, crime prevention, code enforcement, public health, licensing, inspections, and proactive property management. For more information on available training dates, times, and locations, please visit the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association web site and look under training & events for the CFMH Day 1 class.

Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a program that can aid in reducing burglaries when it is properly implemented. It is a two-part program, first of which includes marking valuables with a unique serial number that is provided by the police. This serial number will aid in tracking valuables back to you if it were ever lost or stolen. Secondly is posting small stickers at the entrances of your home that identifies you as a member and shows that your property is marked and traceable. In order to receive your unique serial number, simply complete the Operation ID sign up form (.PDF) and return it to the police department.

Operation Inventory

In any police investigation where property is stolen, it is imperative for you to have a list of property with descriptions and serial numbers to aid in the recovery process. Operation Inventory is a program of documenting and recording all valuables in your home that have traceable numbers such as serial numbers or Operation ID numbers. In addition to completing the Operation Inventory forms (.PDF), it is recommended that you photograph all jewelry. Feel free to print as many pages needed to document all your belongings. Once this paperwork is completed and items are photographed, it is advised to keep these items in a discrete area of your home where, in the event of a burglary or theft, it won’t be discovered or destroyed.

Home Premise Surveys

A representative from the Maple Grove Police will come to your home and give you recommendations on physical security improvements that may reduce the chances of becoming the victim of a burglary. If you are interested in a survey, please email Crime Prevention or call 763-494-6134 to schedule an appointment.

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