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Recent Scams

With easy access to the internet and cell phones, it has become increasingly easier for victims to be sought after from anywhere in the world. The most common fraud involves:

  • Phony prize promotions
  • Foreign lottery schemes
  • Advanced-fee loans
  • Travel offer scams
  • Unnecessary credit card loss “protection"

The following warning signs may help to keep you, your family, and friends from becoming a victim:

  • Be wary of anything that promises large sums of money, such as sweepstakes or lottery  winnings, in exchange for advance payment.
  • Don't be pressured into making a decision about an offer.
  • Be cautious about any business that tries to conceal their mailing address and phone number.

Click here to view the WCCO-TV Report on Jamaican Lottery Scams and Minnesota.

If you fell victim to fraud be sure to contact your local police department to file a police report. In addition to contacting your local police you should file a report with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Information courtesy of:
Looks Too Good To Be True

For more information on scams:
Minnesota Attorney General’s Office
Minnesota Department of Public Safety
IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center)

For more information feel free to contact Maple Grove Police Crime Prevention at 763-494-6134.

Thefts & Burglaries

The Maple Grove Police has seen an increase in theft from autos and garage burglaries throughout the city. A large number of these incidents are due do cars being left unlocked and garage doors being left open overnight. We would like to ask residents to double check that they are removing valuables from their cars and locking them along with closing their garage doors at night. We also ask that if you see any suspicious behavior please call 911 immediately. For more tips and information please view the "Preventing thefts from vehicles" video below.