Patrol & Services Divisions

Patrol Division

The Police Department has police officers that perform various duties such as responding to emergency and non-emergency calls, conducting preliminary investigations of crimes, handling traffic accidents, enforcing criminal and traffic laws including city ordinances, making arrests, and providing services to business establishments and residential neighborhoods. The officers within the patrol division are supervised by eight patrol sergeants. An additional sergeant is assigned as the Jail Administrator whom oversees our detention facility and also supervisors the Community Service Officer Coordinator and Crime Prevention Officer. Within the patrol division there are many programs that police officers actively work in such as DARE, Safe Streets, Police Reserves, Police Explorers, Teens Driving Safe Traffic Diversion School, Home Alone Safety, Bicycle Patrol, and our Emergency Response Unit (ERU). The entire Patrol division is supervised by the Patrol Captain.

If you need to report a crime, file a police report, or speak with a police officer please call 911 immediately.


Services Division

The Police Department has 9 police detectives and an Investigative CSO assigned to the Services Division who actively follow up on criminal cases throughout the City of Maple Grove. Four detectives are also school Liaisons who are assigned to Maple Grove & Osseo Secondary Schools.  The detectives and Investigative CSO are supervised by the Sergeant of Investigations.  The Services Division also consists of an Administrative Sergeant, Crime Analyst, Property and Evidence Technician, and a Records Management Unit. The entire Services Division is supervised by the Captain of Services.

If you were the victim of a crime and want to check on the current status of your case please call 763-494-6100 and be prepared to share your full name and/or case number so you can be referred to the proper detective.


Professional Standards Division

The Professional Standards Division includes the Records Management Unit, Property and Evidence Unit, North Metro Range, Pets Under Police Security (PUPS), training, and policy development.   
The Records Management Division remains the catalyst of our case workflow with all units in the Maple Grove Police Department.  Along with their normal data entry duties, the records staff has been instrumental in the development of a new Records Management System that became operational January 2016.  Under the new system, our workflow will become paperless, allowing instant access to timely data.  We are sure this change will bring about new challenges, but we are eager to reap the benefits of immediate electronic data that can be used for criminal investigations and crime prevention.


Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers (CSO’s) handle calls for service in the community, but also monitor prisoners who are being housed in our detention facility. Some of the duties that Community Service Officers perform are domestic animal control, vehicle lockouts, assist motorists, parking violations, assist patrol officers with traffic control and vehicle impounds. In the time the CSOs are employed with the City of Maple Grove they are all actively pursuing a degree in law enforcement or criminal justice and working towards becoming a police officer.

Police Reserves

Police Reserve Officers are volunteers who serve our department and the residents of Maple Grove. In 2010, these uniformed volunteers dedicated over 2,000 hours towards numerous civic events including school carnivals, school dances, high school football games, traffic control details, Maple Grove Days, squad car show & tell, and many other special tasks.

For more information on the Police Reserves, to request a Reserve officer at your event, or for more information on how to join the Police Reserves please click here.

Police Explorers

The Law Enforcement Explorer Program provides young men and woman ages 14-20 with opportunities to explore law enforcement careers, the criminal justice system, and to promote character development and develop leadership skills. The Maple Grove Police Department began sponsorship of Explorer Post #3775 in 1988. In 2012 the 37th Annual Explorer State Conference took place in Rochester, Minnesota.   564 Explorers from 151 teams participated in the conference.  The Maple Grove Explorers placed 2nd in Burglary Response, 2nd in an Internet Safety exam, 3rd in Crime Scene Investigation, and 5th in Bomb Threat Response. A Maple Grove Explorer also placed 1st out of 250 shooters in the Rapid Fire shooting exercise.

For more information on the Explorer program or how to join please click here.


Safe Streets

The purpose of the Safe Streets Unit is to reduce crime and improve quality of life issues through the use of proactive law enforcement and problem solving techniques. The unit is staffed by experienced police officers and their activities are managed by a police sergeant.

The unit accomplishes its crime reduction goals by analyzing intelligence on crime areas within the city collected from citizens, city departments and multiple data bases. Once an active or potential crime “hot spot” has been identified, safe streets officers will aggressively work the area employing proactive policing methods to dramatically reduce or eliminate the threat and fear of crime.

To file a report or to have an officer respond, please call 911 or, to provide information anonymously, email the safe streets unit.

D.A.R.E. Drug Abuse Resistance Education

The D.A.R.E. program is currently taught to second, fourth, and fifth grade students in ten Maple Grove elementary schools.

Fifth grade students participate in a 14-lesson program that is taught by a trained, uniformed officer. The students learn about making safe and responsible choices and to identify the risks and consequences of their choices. The D.A.R.E. lessons focus on:

  • Providing students with accurate information about drugs and violence.
  • Providing students with the knowledge base on the effects of drug abuse that go beyond the physical ramifications and extend to emotional, social, and economic aspects of life.
  • Teaching responsibility, decision-making and problem solving skills and strategies to help students make informed decisions and resist drug use, peer pressure and violence.
  • Showing students how to resist peer pressure.
  • Choosing good friends, helping others, resisting bullying, building self-esteem and confident communication skills, and drug avoidance techniques.

Second and fourth grade students receive lessons about personal safety, a brief introduction to some common drugs, and resisting peer pressure.

Currently, two full-time police officers are assigned to the D.A.R.E. unit. For more information, visit the D.A.R.E. website or call 763-494-6100 with any questions. D.A.R.E. is currently being taught at the following schools:                        


Basswood Elementary
Beacon Academy
Cedar Island Elementary

Elm Creek Elementary
Fernbrook Elementary
Oak View Elementary
Rice Lake Elementary

Rush Creek Elementary
St. John's Lutheran School
Weaver Lake Elementary