Backflow Preventers

The Minnesota Plumbing Code permits the installation of a Backflow Preventer only when annual  testing and inspection is conducted by qualified personnel acceptable to the Commissioner of Health, State Health Department.

Please note that all Irrigation Backflow Preventers must be tested annually in the spring when the water is turned on.  The City suggests that if you also have non-irrigation Backflow Preventers at the same address, that you test them at the same time in the spring in order to maintain a yearly maintenance schedule.

The City of Maple Grove requires that all Backflow Preventer tests, rebuilds, and installs be submitted on the Maple Grove Backflow Preventer form.  Test results may be faxed to the Maple Grove Public Works Department at 763.494.6424.

Any Backflow Preventer which is due for rebuild must have a permit.  Only 1 permit is required per address.  Permits may be acquired through the City of Maple Grove Building Inspections.

If the Backflow Preventer is not in use, it must be removed and the city Plumbing Inspector notified immediately.  Upon notice, the city will inspect the location to ensure proper removal.

If you have any questions, please contact Maple Grove's Plumbing Inspector at 763.494.6073.

City of Maple Grove Backflow Preventer Test Form