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Slash your trash - Join the Zero Waste Challenge

Hennepin County is providing waste-reduction assistance and education to participating households by offering the Zero Waste Challenge.  The county will recruit up to 50 households to participate in the challenge that takes an in-depth look at the goods we buy and the waste we create to discover opportunities to recycle more and waste less.  Some of the benefits to participating households:

  • Receive hands-on, personalized coaching to assess the waste generated in their homes, develop a customized waste reduction plan, and make low-waste lifestyle changes.
  • Have opportunities to attend waste-reduction workshops and connect with other households striving to live lower-waste lifestyles.
  • Receive bi-weekly tips on waste reduction topics and get access to supplies and educational materials.
  • Track the waste their household generates and adopt actions to reduce the amount of waste created.

The deadline to sign up for the challenge is Sunday, August 18, and the challenge will run from September 9, 2019 through April 30, 2020.  For complete details on this worthwhile challenge, please visit the Hennepin County website.