Parks and Recreation

  • Parking in Maple Grove Three main things to know about parking on city streets.
  • Animals in vehicles For their health and safety please do not to leave pets unattended in motor vehicles.
  • Pothole hotline Please call to report potholes on city streets, county roads, and state highways.
  • Stormwater A-Go-Go Have you ever wondered where stormwater goes? Learn all about it through this interactive story map.
  • City Focus Newsletter View the winter 2020 edition of the City of Maple Grove quarterly newsletter.
  • 2020 residents' guide The annual Maple Grove/Osseo Residents' Guide offers a wide variety of info for citizens and soon-to-be citizens.
  • COVID-19 resources A variety of information is available to residents and businesses on the city website.
  • I-94 construction project This three-year MnDOT project involves improvements from Maple Grove to Clearwater.
  • Highest-salaried employees As of January 2020, titles and salaries at the City of Maple Grove are: City Administrator - $171,481.44; Director of Public Works/City Engineer - $162,115.20; Chief of Police - $155,569.44
  • Homestead Applications Due December 15 Property owners in Maple Grove have until Tuesday, December 15, 2020 to complete a homestead application for the 2021 assessment.

Park Planning

 What is a Park System Plan document and what does it do?

  • Defines community expectations and goals for parks and recreation facilities and services.
  • Contains a long-range (10-20 year) vision and guide for parks, recreation, natural areas, and trails.
  • Includes prioritized actions to ensure the parks and recreation system meets community needs now and in the future.

2018 Parks and Recreation System Plan - Executive Summary

2018 Parks and Recreation System Plan (.PDF)

2008 Comprehensive Plan


Gleason Fields

View the Schematic Design   Survey is closed.

Feasibility Study - Final (.PDF)

Play Field Report (.PDF)

Traffic Study (.PDF)

September 11, 2019 Open House

2017 Feasibility Study (.PDF)

Feasibility Concept 7-15-19 (.PDF)

Feasibility Study - Narrative 7-18-19 (.PDF)
Feasibility Concept 7-18-19 (.PDF)
Feasibility Study - Use Area Study 7-18-19 (.PDF)
Feasibility Study - Lighted Field Study 7-18-19 (.PDF)
Feasibility Study - Parking Demand Study 7-18-19 (.PDF)

Park System - Park Classification Map (.PDF)

Boundary Creek Cricket Pitch

Plan Set (.PDF)

Woodland Ponds Boardwalk Replacement

Information from Open House on October 23, 2019

Woodland Ponds Boardwalk Study (.PDF)