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Refuse / Recycling / Yard Waste


Garbage service in the City of Maple Grove is provided by various licensed refuse haulers.  Residents and businesses may select the provider that best fits their needs.

Licensed refuse haulers in Maple Grove


Recycling throughout the city is collected by a single independent contractor, Republic Services. Recycling services are provided every other week.  All items should be placed inside the recycling cart.  If you have extra recycling, our recycling drop-off center is a convenient resource.

Recycling carts remain with the home when you move.  If you move into an existing home, there should already be a cart there for you. If you are a new resident, please notify the city's utility billing department at 763-494-6330.  Recycling fees are included on your city utility bill.

For all of your recycling needs, please contact Republic Services at 952-941-5174.  Escalations will no longer be handled by the City of Maple Grove.  For issues arising from the following scenarios, please email Republic Services.  Republic Services will respond to your concerns within 24 hours.  Please include your address and phone number.  

  • Replacement of a damaged cart.
  • Exchange cart for a different size (sizes below).
  • Missed pick up on your scheduled recycling day (maps and calendars below). *
  • Cart delivery for a newly constructed home.

Recycling carts are free and fees are the same no matter what size you choose.  Carts come in three sizes:

  • Small (35 gallon) = 38" high, 20" wide, 25" deep
  • Medium (65 gallon) = 42" high, 25" wide, 30" deep
  • Large (95 gallon) = 45" high, 27" wide, 33" deep

* Missed Pickups

Please place your cart at the curb by 7 a.m.  If cart is not emptied by 7 p.m. on your scheduled day, leave it at the curb and contact Republic Services.  Please include your address and phone number.  

Pickup Days and Zones

2020 Recycling zones interactive web map

2020 Recycling zones map

2020 Recycling calendar - blue zone

2020 Recycling calendar - grey zone

No service on holidays

If your regular collection day falls on or following one of these holidays, collection will be one day later for the remainder of the week through Saturday.

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day   
  • 4th of July 
  • Labor Day 
  • Thanksgiving Day  
  • Christmas Day