I-94 bus only shoulder lane closure update

As published previously, construction on I-94 between Weaver Lake Road and Maple Grove Parkway will close the bus only shoulder lanes on this segment of the freeway. The revised scheduled closes the westbound shoulder lanes sometime after Labor Day. The eastbound shoulder lanes will likely close in April 2020 Once closed, the shoulder lanes will remain closed through 2021.  

The level of congestion during the various construction phases will likely vary. It will be hard to predict what level of delays the Route 785 may experience. Maple Grove Transit will monitor the situation for the potential of implementing a route detour to bypass severe congestion.

The new Route 785 outbound trip that begins at 2:53 PM and arrives at Parkway Station at 3:23 PM will remain in service on a temporary basis through this construction period.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transit Administrator at 763-494-6005.