Maple Grove Transit named Transit System of the Year

Maple Grove Transit received the 2018 Transit System of the Year Award at the Minnesota Public Transportation Conference this month.  The Minnesota Public Transit Association (MPTA) presents this award to an organization that has demonstrated achievement in efficiency and effectiveness including reports on: 

  • Ridership2018_transit_system_of_year_award.jpg
  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Maintenance proficiency
  • Agency policy and administration
  • Achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives

“Maple Grove Transit had a very transformative year with strategic changes that set a foundation for continued success for years to come.  Being recognized by your peers is a great validation of moving in the right direction,” says Maple Grove Transit Administrator Mike Opatz.

The following innovative projects demonstrate that Maple Grove Transit merits the MPTA Transit System of the Year Award:

  • Rebrand of Maple Grove Transit with new logo and graphics
  • New name, branding, and vehicles for the Dial-A-Ride service – now known as My Ride
  • New dispatching and scheduling software for My Ride program
  • Implementation of mobile fare payment for My Ride
  • TSA security review and audit

“Our growth has been tremendous,” Opatz says. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of the community members in our transit commission, the city council, front-line employees, and our providers, Metro Transit and Midwest Paratransit Services. We thank them all for their continued partnership.”

At its November 5, 2018, meeting the Maple Grove City Council recognized receipt of the 2018 MPTA Transit System of the Year Award.