Maple Grove Transit facts

  • The City of Maple Grove established Maple Grove Transit (MGT) in June 1990.
  • The City contracts with transit companies to provide the service. The City’s Transit Administrator conducts transit planning, administration, customer service, and marketing.  MGT has an eight-member Transit Commission to provide user input into the operation and planning of the system.
  • Presently, MGT has commuter express service to and from Minneapolis utilizing 49 round trips on five routes. (780, 781, 782, 783, 785 and 789).  The commuter service utilizes five park-and-rides lots.
  • The Maple Grove Transit Station opened in December 2003 on Route 781.  This facility has a three-level 926-stall parking ramp and an indoor, climate-controlled waiting area.
  • Parkway Station, a 500-stall surface lot park-and-ride facility opened in October 2010.  Phase II added a one level ramp for 300 additional vehicles, which will opened in July 2014.
  • MGT also offers a dial-a-ride program using four vans for paratransit service within Maple Grove.
  • The express bus fleet consists of eighteen 66-passenger articulated buses, thirteen 45-passenger coach buses, eight 38-passenger standard transit buses and one 25-passenger shuttle bus.  There are five mini-buses for the dial-a-ride.
  • Maple Grove Transit averages between 3,300 and 3,600 riders per day.  In May 2012, Maple Grove Transit celebrated its 10,000,000 rider.
  • Riders cite the following reasons why they use Maple Grove Transit:  frequent and convenient service, faster commute than driving, hassle free commute, economical, environmentally friendly, Guaranteed Ride Home program, and great customer service.
  • Route 781 is the most productive express route in the region with 68 passengers per service hour operated.
  • Between 2006 and 2013, Maple Grove Transit has had an average system farebox recovery ratio of 47 percent. The regional goal is 30 percent.  

2014 Budget and Service Plan Summary

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